Best Shower Bench Ideas to Your Bathroom

Having a shower bench is great as it’s an expertly crafted furniture piece that will blend seamlessly with your shower, giving you an extra dose of comfort and convenience right where you need it. Here are some of the best shower bench ideas to help reinvent your bathroom.

When going for a marble bench, consider a thicker base for a grand appeal. If you already have a marble bathroom and want to expand on that specific style, adding a marble bench is the way to go. The key is working with the same exact hue as the rest of your shower. Whether you add a large bench or a small one the idea is to have it blend seamlessly into your shower.

Teak Bench
While working with a teak bench make sure you add other wood figures to the room, for a well-blended aesthetic. Sometimes you don’t want a large bench where you can set, sometimes you want a smaller piece that allows you to add bathroom accessories. The bench should feel as a removable part of your shower allowing you to move it around as you please. Having a bench like this gives you the versatility you need right where you need it.

When working with tiles you want your bench to almost disappear into the room. The idea is to have the tiles make the big splash while the bench sits back. One of the most popular ways of having a bench is to bring a tiled approach. The idea is to have the bench almost blend in with your décor. Having a blended bench allows you to create almost an ottoman-like approach right in your shower. Additionally, if your bench is thicker it gives you more versatility when it comes to using it for multiple different things.

Designed Specifically for Seating
Consider having a medium size bench to ensure you get the most out of the space.If you are looking to upgrade your shower in an overall manner, adding a bench that is specifically designed to be an additional seating is the way to go. The bench will give your shower, additional dimension right where you need it. Think of it as the perfect additional piece that brings your bathroom a multidimensional concept.

Monochromatic Palette
For a monochromatic appeal, you want to use a palette that feels seamless to the room without much effort needed. When in doubt, always select a monochromatic palette. Doing so brings you a sense of calmness that can only be felt when your color palette is soft and welcoming. Furthermore, there is the element of having a bench that flows into the room without taking away from your décor.

Floating Seat
The beauty of a floating bench is how simple it is to work in the room without taking away from what the bathroom already has to offer. Instead of installing a full, bulky bench, add a floating seat. A floating seat will remove the bulkiness from having a full bench. The sleekness from a floating bench will add a luxurious touch to your shower while being modern. Nevertheless, having this style of bench allows you to remove clutter from the space in an overall manner.

Statement Piece
A simple center bench will make your shower feel grander than what it already is. Which is great when you want to bring direct focus to your shower. When you’re seeking to make a statement in the bathroom, consider a duo showerhead, but push to another extreme by having your bench be the centerpiece of your grand shower. Doing so creates a statement that is bold and daring while still being useful and minimal.

The simple use of a stool can become the perfect bench in a minimal bathroom while allowing you to have a space to sit or use for toiletries. A built-in shower bench is typically bulky and sometimes even overbearing; however, sometimes you can create a simple approach by minimizing your bench. The way to do this is by interchanging your current bench and upgrade it to a simple one. Having a simple bench will upgrade your shower in a contemporary way that is a bit more alluring.

Look for a walk-in shower with a tiny corner to add a shower bench. Though it might be small, having a tucked shower bench will bring utility to the room. The bigger the shower the bolder you want your corner bench to be. Consider it a form of making the bathroom have a twist of comfort right where you need it.