Awesome Home Bar Decorating Ideas

Whether you want to bring the spotlight to your home bar, or you simply want to upgrade it, we have put together a guide. Here is our take on a few chic ways to décor your home bar.

The Sophisticated
Add a metallic touch for a grander effect, while keeping your decor upscale and grand. Having a sophisticated home bar is a great way of allowing your bar to blend seamlessly with your décor. This idea works best when your home bar is part of your kitchen. Having a bar in the kitchen allows you to have a one-stop shop where you can enjoy a meal and have a few drinks. Bring a pendant light to further emphasize the idea of being sophisticated yet modern.

Cocktail Cabinet
Fill your cabinets with your favorite drinks, cups, and even mixers to ensure you have everything you need when you want to make your drink. If you have a smaller residence yet still want to have a home bar, a cocktail cabinet is a way to go. A cocktail cabinet consists of having a rustic cabinet made out of oak, blond or gray wood for a unique touch that has a farmhouse appeal.

To further enhance your stools add matching light fixtures. Doing so will bring a brightening yet seamless vibe to your bar area. Adding a set of seating is great when you want to make it a designated space for entertaining instead of a simple display. Your seating stools should complement your décor and allow the space to feel put together and grand without disrupting what you already have. The idea is to allow your decorating style to be felt throughout even with your stools.

Feminine Twist
Consider adding hints of wood to add a hint of rustic right where you need it. Furthermore, you might want to add a sink to make wet bar feel as complete as possible. An all-white wet bar paired with glass elements brings an all-time glamorous appeal while having a feminine twist. You might even want to add flowers or pastel accents to further showcase that stark feminine approach you want to create. Think of it as the perfect display for glass drinkware, as they will appear daintier and chicer.

Simple & Navy
Add bits of metallics to further enhance and break down the richness of the navy hue. If you have been contemplating the idea of a darker home bar a hue such as navy is perfect. Having a navy bar is great when your main goal is to have a simple bar that gets the job done. Furthermore, you want to allow the navy hue to make a statement on its own by keeping the rest of your décor as simple as can be.

Go Custom
When going for a custom look ensure you take how much liquor you will have displayed. This will save you a whole lot of work and effort when selecting the size and aesthetics of your custom piece.

When it comes to truly take advantage of the architecture of a room going for a custom display is an excellent option. Consider embracing the space and creating a large bar that has everything you want and needs in one direct area. Your bar should look and feel unique to you and your particular home style.

Bring on the Marble
Keep the marble display as light as possible in order to give you a subtle yet powerful dose of marble in a luxurious manner. Marble is one of those elements that makes a statement on its own every time. Whether you have a marble counter as part of your bar or your entire bar area is marble- the simple marble feature will add a hint of elegance that is undeniable. Pair with modern stools for a contrasting effect.

Do not be Afraid of Color
When selecting color, go for a bold hue that brightens the room in an overall manner, yet adds a unique manner as well.

Color is one of the best additional decorative bits you can add to a room. The same goes when you are decorating your home bar. Your bar needs the same treatment as well. Add a colorful bit to make your bar by having a colorful backdrop that creates a different vibe for your bar. Furthermore, with color you want your bar to feel almost like its own little unique element.

Match with the House
Allow your bar to make a grand statement yet flows seamlessly into the room in a unique yet flawless manner. If you want to have a bar yet don’t really want to change up your décor, consider having your bar match. Nonetheless, this allows you to have a seamless look to your home while still having that fun touch home bars are known for.